Get Ready Africa!

Imagine - Satellite Broadband at Fiber Prices

Satellites are the best technology to reach remote locations, and also places where there aren't enough customers living close together enough to justify the high costs of laying fiber.  Need proof?  Have you heard of a fiber optic network on Mount Everest?

 What if satellite broadband could be offered at prices rivalling fiber capacity? Our research has shown that there the amount of satellite capacity in orbit today would not be enough to meet the demands of the projected Internet growth in Africa.

The Opportunity

Internet penetration is the key to unlocking the economic advancements in countries, and the countries in Africa have the largest potential.   Over the last decade the race to broadband enable these countries has been led by submarine fiber optic cables such as Seacom, SAT-3, WACS, GLO-1, MainOne, and ACE.  These submarine cables breached the shoreline cities of many coastal African countries, but neglected the cities inland and also land locked countries.  The last five years has been another race, the race to reach major inland cities.  The race is almost completed, and now many major inland cities are connected to  to submarine cables.  Unfortunately, the cost of broadband inland is 2x and sometime up to 4x of the costs on shore.  Fiber does well in dense urban areas where subscribers are within meters to each other.  As a result, sub-urban and rural areas have no access to fiber, and have no plans for fiber in the near future due because it is not economically viable.  Only 7.2% of the African population lives within 50 Kilometers of coastlines.

At the current rate of bandwidth expansion in sub-urban and rural regions in Africa, the current number of satellites currently in orbit and planned, will not have enough bandwidth to supply the exponential demand.

 Our Objectives

icon_oneFoster Economic Growth

To bring low-cost Internet connectivity to inland Africa and Middle East, enabling the wide spread adoption of internet services as a basis for economic growth in African and Middle Eastern economies.

icon_twoHelp people communicate better

To change the way people communicate in the African and Middle Eastern markets by providing satellite capacity at price levels which compete directly with Fiber.

icon_threeAssist cost-viable market expansion

To combine the advantages of satellite coverage and fiber pricing in order for markets such as mobile broadband, trunking and IP access to expand their markets on a cost-viable basis.

icon_fourReplace Legacy Technology

Be an attractive substitute to existing microwave point to point links typically used to connect businesses to the internet across Africa.  Microwave links cannot move as much data as fiber, who why should they be used?

Our Technology



Traditional Geostationary Communication Satellites typically use one large beam to illuminate a large area.  This single beam usually has a capacity of 1 Gbps.   Fibersat has smaller beams, so much smaller that we cover the same area with almost 100 beams. Each one of these beams has as much bandwidth as a traditional satellite beam.  This gives Fibersat the ability to have up to 100X the bandwidth of a traditional satellite.  This means that broadband via Fibersat will cost a tiny fraction of what it costs today.  At these prices, future broadband via Fibersat will give future fiber prices a run for its money.  That’s only one of advantages we have.

Our Services

Disaster Recovery Backup Links

Backup data connectivity links via satellite for added availability of critical infrastructure networks...

Comms on the Move

Secure and continuous connectivity to land, sea and air based vehicles...

Staff Welfare

High Speed Internet for staff welfare in locations where employees are deployed at remote  job sites...

Unmanned Aerial Systems

Ultra High Bandwidth, continuous connectivity for future Unmanned Aerial Systems to control stations...

4G / LTE Offload

Solution for mobile operators to offload 4G / LTE Internet traffic from from nodeB directly to the Internet backbone, decongesting...

Video Transmission

Video trunking services to and from anywhere within Africa...

Space Segment

Flexible Space Segment for customized applications...

Internet in the Air

Internet and secure networking for commercial and private aircrafts...

Consumer Broadband

Low Cost High Speed Internet via satellite...

Regional Teleport Gateways

Gateway services connecting satellite sites to regional gateways within Africa for connectivity to National and International fiber optic networks...

Wholesale Broadband

Fully managed broadband VSAT hub services...

Enterprise Broadband

Secure and reliable high bandwidth network links for Internet and Private IP Networks...

IP Trunking

High capacity dedicated IP networks for Internet trunking via Fibersat European Teleports, or through to Fibersat regional Teleports in select...

Metro Wifi

Contiguous WIFI coverage for municipalities for complete Metro Wifi deployments...

Maritime Broadband

Broadband access for ships, oil&gas platforms and private yachts....

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